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Most Widely Licensed IP/Patent Portfolio In The World

Since its founding in 1996, Ameranth has pioneered breakthrough and ‘award winning’ innovations in the hospitality market, has won twelve technology awards, and has been awarded nearly two dozen patents, while leading the way and pioneering Chat/AI based innovations since 2005. In recommending Ameranth for one of its early technology awards from Computerworld – Bill Gates stated that : “Ameranth is one of the leading pioneers of the information technology age for the betterment of mankind.” and Business Week described one of Ameranth’s early food ordering innovations as ‘Not Quite Star Trek’. After having its products/systems deployed in thousands of hospitality locations, Ameranth has evolved into licensing its intellectual property, Currently many of the worlds largest restaurant, hotel, event ticketing chains/leaders and technology integrators are licensees, and well into the future too. Ameranth will continue to lead/innovate ahead; building on its breakthrough new AI innovations, which started with its ‘304 patent issuance in 2023 and which is already evolving into an entire AI based patent portfolio, which is visionary in many critical technical respects/areas.

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Award Winning

Ameranth has won 12 technology

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Award Winning

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