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Ameranth's Magellan System-2005

Ameranth's Newest AI Based Technological Innovations

An Adaptable Computing Network


Next Generation Enterprise/Network Computing

Patent # (11,770,304)

An Adaptable Computing Network With Real Time, Intelligent, 4D Spherical Scalability, Tech Stack Awareness, Tech Stack Integration, Automatic Bi-Directional Communications Channel Switching And Order Equilibrium – For Large Enterprise, Time Sensitive Event/Transaction Driven Applications.

Synchronization and Intelligent Web Servers

Patent # (6,871,325), (8,146,077), (9,009.060), (9,747,651), (10,970,797 ), (11,276, 130)

Eliminate the numerous inefficiencies common to restaurants while increasing profitability and guest satisfaction through an integrated wireless and Internet solution for table service, POS extension and payment processing.

Gaming/Poker Patents

Patent # (7,431,650) (7,878,909) (8,393,969) (9,005,031) (9,072,965) (9,390,590) (9,754,446) (11,770,304)

Automate table game management and improve staff and guest communication through an integrated wireless and pager system that streamlines player seating for increased guest satisfaction.

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Award Winning

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